Chairman’s Message                                                 

Dear Business Roundtable Members & Prospective Members:                          

Celebrating 26 years of service, the Oklahoma Business Roundtable serves as the state’s primary economic development “support” organization – providing vital funding to assist business retention, expansion, recruitment and company start-up efforts.

The Roundtable’s economic development mission is never more important or compelling than when our economic ecosystems are rocky and state budget deficit is deep.  Creating jobs and growing Oklahoma’s economy is unceasing -- priorities that are inextricably linked.  Our singular objective is helping to advance our state’s economic development.  

Roundtable members deliver vital funding to assist our Governor, Lieutenant Governor,  Commerce Department and our many statewide partners - with focused investments targeted toward the greatest economic development return.  This backing includes assisting trade and investment missions; marketing Oklahoma globally; hosting prospects, site location consultants and dignitaries; promoting quality improvement and economic development planning efforts; and sponsoring special business development events when state appropriated monies cannot be used.

We continue to make a difference.  This past year, our members, who represent key manufacturing, financial, energy, business services, R&D, education and economic development organizations, assisted our state’s leaders and partner communities in creating over 5,000 new jobs and over $2.3 billion in private sector investment.  Oklahoma’s per capita personal income growth for the past 5 years ranks 10th in the nation.  

Oklahoma is vibrant and offers numerous differentiators.  As business leaders, our continued investment supporting job creation and long-term economic opportunity in communities across the state builds a stronger Oklahoma.  Thank you for being a key partner in the state’s comprehensive economic development effort.


Rob Martinovich

Roundtable Chairman 2017-2018


Program of Work:

  • Encourage and promote the state’s economic development.
  • Promote new business investment throughout Oklahoma, including start-up, expansion and attraction of business facilities and operations.
  • Provide financial support for receptions, meetings, seminars, targeted research studies, trade and investment missions and other domestic and global promotion activities that are essential to Oklahoma’s growth and development.
  • Help share the cost of recruitment and prospect travel and associated proposal development.
  • Coordinate development efforts with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the statewide private-sector Governor’s Economic Development Team and Governor’s International Team.