Chairman’s Message                                                                     

Dear Business Roundtable Members & Prospective Members:


Let me introduce you to the Oklahoma Business Roundtable, an association of business leaders and economic development partners dedicated to growing Oklahoma. The Roundtable provides a window into the strong, thriving business community in Oklahoma, and a broad perspective on the trajectory of economic enterprise in our great state.  

Our stated mission is: Business Leadership Advancing Oklahoma’s Economy. We do this by serving as the state’s primary economic development “support” organization providing vital funding to assist business retention, expansion, recruitment and company start-up efforts. We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that was formed in 1991.

We assist our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Commerce Department and many statewide partners - with focused investments targeted toward the greatest economic development return. This backing includes assisting workforce development, trade and investment missions; marketing Oklahoma globally; hosting prospects, site location consultants and dignitaries; promoting quality improvement and economic development strategic planning efforts; and sponsoring special business development events.

Creating quality jobs and growing Oklahoma’s economy is our priority and we continue to make a difference. This past year, the Commerce Department worked directly on 71 projects creating 8700 new jobs (with an average salary of over $63,000) and over $2.6 billion in capital investment. In addition, new and announced private sector investment was more. 

As business leaders, our continued investment supporting job creation and long-term economic opportunity in communities across the state builds a stronger Oklahoma. 



Brenda G. Rolls

President & CEO
Frontier Electronic Systems


Program of Work:

  • Encourage and promote the state’s economic development.
  • Promote new business investment throughout Oklahoma, including start-up, expansion and attraction of business facilities and operations.
  • Provide financial support for receptions, meetings, seminars, targeted research studies, trade and investment missions and other domestic and global promotion activities that are essential to Oklahoma’s growth and development.
  • Help share the cost of recruitment and prospect travel and associated proposal development.
  • Coordinate development efforts with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the statewide private-sector Governor’s Economic Development Team and Governor’s International Team.