Governor, Business Leaders Address Roundtable

October 24, 2014 - 1:19pm

Over 150 Roundtable members and guests participated in the Fall Membership meeting held October 15th at the Governor’s Mansion and hosted by Governor Fallin.

Oklahoma’s workforce was the major topic of the day.  

Keynote speaker Steve Hendrickson, Director of Government Operations for Boeing provided a national perspective on Oklahoma workforce initiatives and challenged business leaders to engage in the education process to address pressing education issues.

Hendrickson is a former Roundtable Chairman and serves as chair of the Oklahoma Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development and chair of the National Association of Workforce Boards.

He recognized Governor Fallin for her work as Chairman of the National Governor’s Association and the creation of her popular initiative, “America Works – Education and Training for Tomorrow’s Jobs.”

ReadyNation co-founder Robert Dugger provided brief remarks about the importance of quality early childhood development programs as a key element of the workforce pipeline.

Governor Fallin welcomed the group, discussed her ongoing activities in support of business growth and stressed the importance of postsecondary education—a degree or workforce certificate—as the “new minimum” in order to gain access to Oklahoma workforce opportunities.