Roundtable Hosts Executive Briefing

March 23, 2022 - 1:56pm

Watch the Executive Briefing:

Over 100 members of the Oklahoma Business Roundtable received a comprehensive overview on the state of Oklahoma’ higher education system at the recent Executive Briefing in Oklahoma City on March 10. Mita Bates of the Ardmore Development Authority chaired the meeting.

Chancellor of Higher Education Allison Garrett provided a detailed look at Oklahoma’s K-12 student pipeline and the challenges to college readiness. She discussed the growing importance of a college education in regard to the state’s 100 critical occupations and outlined targeted workforce development initiatives. 

Commerce Executive Director Brent Kisling provided an upbeat message highlighting the state’s continued growth and economic recovery but cited the need to grow the labor force and provide more industry sites. He discussed several new programs to help existing business. 

Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell gave a detailed overview of his successful efforts to promote Oklahoma as a tourism and film development location in the region and nation. In his role as Secretary of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage He outlined the need for a much stronger targeted marketing and promotion effort going forward.

Roundtable President Mark Funke thanked the members for their continued commitment to the organization. This included focused marketing campaigns, trade show support, visiting and hosting business prospects and site consultants; site development, foreign direct investment and exporting, supplier networking sessions, small group meetings with the Governor, industry development focus groups and a plans for a second business leader survey.  

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